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Don't take my word for it, I'm just a voice in your head narrating this. Ask Amazon, Pepsi, Samsung, BMO, Dell, Merrill Lynch, GEICO, or...

well, you get the point.

With his experience voicing thousands of scripts, as well as performing on and off camera, he can ensure the delivery you're after, right from his own professional studio.





Explainers Demo~ Anatol Silotch, MD
Commercials Demo~ Anatol Silotch, MD

About Anatol

Anatol Silotch, MD was born in Chisinau, Moldova - though his family fled and emigrated to Canada at a young age. Graced by his humble upbringing, he quickly learned an appreciation for the simpler things in life - and his imagination ran freely, emulating all that was around him.



He quickly soaked in the language; from his early years, he would recite full movies while his parents would chase him with a dictionary, trying to decipher what he was saying. He constantly performed for audiences with his charismatic personality and put on charming displays of acting abilities - whether in a private setting, or as a leading role.


As he became a polyglot (English / French / Moldavian / Russian / Spanish), his love of linguistics led him into the field of translational work for injured seamen, and so to came his introduction into the medical world.


While currently pursuing his medical dreams, he continues to use his vocal talents to enrich the world with knowledge and happiness - both in person and behind a microphone. Anatol believes strongly in the power of the human mind and its ability to heal, and brings a smile with him into each performance, and everyday life.



"I try to stay positive in everything I do. If I can at least make one person smile a day, then that person will influence someone else with that instilled positivity - and that chain reaction is something that brings me great joy - knowing that somehow, somewhere, someone is smiling and feeling just a little bit better in that moment because of me. They don't know where that moment originated, but I do..."



Need a sophisticated topic narrated?

Dr. Silotch can break it down and translate it into an understandable message to your audience.


Need a silly character that'll make your two-year-old giggle uncontrollably?

Anatol would be happy to be help there too.


No project is too serious, nor too out of this world for Anatol to handle.

Are you a start-up? A nationally recognized entity?

Anatol's client list has no boundaries. No matter where you are in the world, your next professional voiceover is just a CLICK away.

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